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Sam Kolder

Back in 2014 I applied to Film school and got rejected. I didn't know this at the time, but not getting accepted was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I decided to take things into my own hands and learn how to develop a unique style and make a name for myself as a filmmaker. Since then I've been able to work with the best brands in the industry, travel the world, and reach financial freedom so I can focus on what I love most. Making Art! I’ve spent over a year creating this course with the hopes that I can help passionate creatives like me, learn everything they need to know to develop their own style and make it in the creative industry.

Sam Kolder

Recent Lessons

My Best Drone Clips Intro Breakdown

In this 3 part series Sam walks you through his exact process of putting together the intro to “my best drone clips 2019” 


Advanced Subway Background Replacement

Sam reveals his compositing techniques to make this boring subway shot alot more interesting. 


How We Put Together The NEW DJI Air 2S Launch Video 

Sam and Bryn North discuss the entire process of putting together the DJI AIR 2S launch video.


What You'll Learn

5 videos
144 min

Video Transitions & Breakdowns

Sam breaks down how he's created his most iconic videos and transitions

15 videos
171 minutes

After Effects

Dive deep into Sams exact After Effects workflow that he uses to bring his ideas to life

26 videos
250 min

Premiere Pro

Learn Sams exact Premiere Pro workflow and time saving strategies

3 videos
13 min

Additional Programs

Master additional software and plugins Sam uses to make his visuals stand out

11 videos
58 min

Guide To FPV Drones

Learn everything to know about Sam's FPV workflow

3 videos
13 min

Data Management V1

How you stay organized directly effects the quality of your work

1 video
21 min

My Creative Process

Dive into how Sam stays creative, approaches new projects and more

10 videos
60 min


Learn business tips, strategies and insights for the creative industry

7 videos
41 min


Sam explains what gear he uses for all of his content creation

7 videos
33 min


Sam talks about the foundations of shooting for beginners

6 videos
32 min


Sam explains the technicalities of how Film making gear works for beginners


We share actual templates we use to pitch jobs, make legal agreements and more

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I've invested countless hours and money in courses and tutorials, but still I find true gems in KC masterclass. The best thing that Kolder Creative has offered me is the community that exceeds my expectations day after day. I'd recommend this course to everyone who is eager to learn not only from the best, but share experiences and knowledge with other like-minded people!


“You get an inside look into Sam's career and learn how to get there yourself. On top of all the knowledge the community is filled with infinite connections and opportunity. I'm shooting professional Red Bull athletes next week because of one of those DM's. This course could really be worth many thousands of dollars.”


“I’ve learned exceptionally valuable skills and insights from this course. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn or improve their filmmaking!”

More Than a Course

Kolder creative community

Live Streams

Join us for Q&A's, Contest submission reviews, Interviews & more


Win gear cash prizes & once in a lifetime work opportunities

Group chats

Get creative feedback, network & make friends!

Drone Simulator

Race FPV online with friends from the community


Save on gear, editing programs & more



Over 16+ Hours of Training

12 Modules & 80+ Videos

In Depth Video & Transition Breakdowns

Beginner Friendly No Prior Experience Necessary

Learn Premiere & After Effects From The Ground Up

Learn the Ins & Outs of Sam's FPV & Drone Techniques

Downloadable Pitch Decks, Email Templates & More

Business Strategies & Insights to Making it in The Creative Industry

Lifetime Access To All Kolder Creative Material


Live Streams with Sam & Special Guests

Monthly Contests with the Industry’s Top Brands & Creators

Cash Prizes & Once in a Lifetime Work Opportunities (over $10K in prizes already given away in the first enrollment)

Exclusive Access to All Kolder Creative Events

Lifetime Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group & Discord Server

Exclusive Discounts From Brands & More

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What is Kolder Creative?

This is a place to jumpstart your filmmaking career. Within the Course, Sam shares everything he’s learned over the past decade from his editing techniques and shortcuts, to starting your own business. Within the community you’ll find a network of creators from around the world and opportunities to get your work noticed by leading brands in the creative industry.

Where can I view the courses?

Once you create an account and log in you will be able to view them in your student dashboard.

Will I own the course forever?

Yes, you will! Once you complete your payment in full, you will have access to Kolder Creative for life!

Will I be able to participate in the contests and prizes if I'm on the payment plan?

Yes, you will have full access to all groups, prizes, contests, and even giveaways! If all 3 payments are not received within the 3 months, you will be removed from the course & community.

Will there be a section for Final Cut Pro?

This is something we'll definitely be offering in the future!

When do I get access?

The process of getting accepted is instant! Once your payment is processed you will have FULL access to the course & community.

Is this class for beginners or experienced filmmakers?

This class is for anyone willing to learn the art of filmmaking! Whether you're just starting out or you're an advanced filmmaker, this course will help you take your creative career to the next level.

How long do I have access to the course content?

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to everything this course offers! As well as everything we plan on offering in the future! *Disclaimer: If you’ve chosen the payment plan and DO NOT complete all three payments you will be removed from the courses & community.

Do you offer refunds?

No sorry. We no longer offer refunds as you are able to see exactly what the course & community includes prior to making your payment.

My question wasn't answered, can I talk to someone?

Yes! Our support team will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns! Just send your question to: info@koldercreative.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!