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What You'll Learn in the DaVinci Module

Sam's favorite shortcuts.


Learn Sam's custom keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to flow through the program seamlessly.

DaVinci Course by Sam Kolder - workflow.


Learn to make complex transitions and effects in Fusion, DaVinci's built in Node based compositing software.

DaVinci Course by Sam Kolder - Fusion tab.


Learn the node based color grading workflow and how to use all the powerful tools available in the color page to be able to confidently bring your color grading ideas to life.

DaVinci Course by Sam Kolder - color tab.


Learn Sam's exact process of piecing together a big budget advertisement from start to finish.

DaVinci Course by Sam Kolder - sound design.

Sound design

Bring more life to your edits by adding professional sound design in Fairlight.

DaVinci Course by Sam Kolder - extra tips.


Multi cam editing, future transition breakdowns, tips and tricks and much more.

Understand The Program Like Never Before


Learn how to manage media, structure databases and create project files for any project.

250 min
Media tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


The new and improved way of making selects. Learn Sams exact method on how to use the cut tab to refine your media so that you can better prepare yourself for piecing together the main edit.

250 min
Cut tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


Learn Sams exact process of piecing together a big budget advertisement and get an in depth look into all the tools that make the edit tab so powerful.

250 min
Edit tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


Unlock the world of node based compositing with Sam as he walks you through Fusion. By the end of this module you'll be able to piece together a more complicated transition and confidently execute more complex ideas within this space.

250 min
Fusion tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


It's time to learn the node based color grading workflow and the countless other tools that make Davinci undoubtedly the best program for color grading.

250 min
Color tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


Confidently bring more life to any project by learning the professional sound design workflow and all the tips and tricks that Sam uses to make this process as fun and efficient as possible.

250 min
Fairlight tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


Export your project exactly how you want. Whether it's as an H264, Jpg sequence or exporting each clip separately. Davinci gives us the tools to make any export as easy as possible.

250 min
Deliver tab in a DaVinci Resolve.


Learn skills like multi-cam editing, advanced audio mixing and tracking within Fusion (just to name a few) as well as more advanced transition breakdowns as they come in the future.

250 min
Sam Kolder working in Dubai.

Meet your Teacher

Sam Kolder is a renowned self-taught filmmaker, best-known for his unique style of video editing that influenced a new era of content creation.

Why DaVinci Resolve?


Any Skill Level

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned editor, DaVinci is perfect for anyone at any level. doesn't matter if you’re making an instagram video or putting together a feature film. DaVinci has the tools to bring your ideas to life.


Fast & Reliable

DaVinci Resolve is built different. Gone are the days of dealing with constant crashing and troubleshooting. DaVinci Resolve performs as expected. And that is the most important thing for any creative.


All In One

“No longer having to switch between softwares to make my ideas come to life is extremely empowering for me as a creative. This is the software ive always dreamed of” With a designated node based compositing page, coloring page and audio mixing panel, the possibilities are truly endless

How Does It Compare?

  • Free version. $295 for studio - one time payment

  • Built in compositing software

  • Node based Color grading

  • Dedicated professional audio workspace

  • Operates on database structure

  • View up to 3 timelines at once

  • $299 - no free version - one time payment

  • No built in compositing section

  • Limiting layer based color grading

  • View only 1 timeline at a time

  • Needs additional software (Apple Compressor) to Queue renders

  • View 3+ timelines at once

  • Freedom to customize layout however you want

  • Recurring payment starting at $275 per year (approx $1,375 for 5 years)

  • No Advanced compositing options

  • Limiting layer based color grading

  • Limiting Audio tools when compared to DaVinci

  • Needs separate program to Queue renders

Stop living in the past. Node Based editing is the future.

DaVinci Resolve

  • Lifetime Access
  • 19+ hours, 15 modules, 90 videos
  • Beginner Friendly – No prior experience necessary
  • Downloads to original media so you can follow along
  • Keyboard shortcut PDF cheatsheets
  • 10 free custom LUTs made by Sam
  • Access to all future DaVinci lessons
  • Solo Module – No Community Access
One-time payment

Last chance to get this price! Big changes coming soon

KC All Access

  • All-in-one package
  • 40+ hours 20+ Modules & 140+ Videos
  • DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects & more
  • Beginner Friendly – No prior experience necessary
  • Downloads to original media so you can follow along
  • 10 free custom LUTs made by Sam
  • Keyboard shortcut PDF cheatsheets
  • Access to Exclusive Discounts & Merch
  • Community access (private FB group & Discord)
  • Lifetime Access + Access to all future lessons
One-time payment

Last chance to get this price! Big changes coming soon


What is the difference between KC All-Access & the Davinci Resolve Solo Module?

KC All-Access is the all-access pass to ALL course material (DaVinci Resolve course included). Plus get exclusive job opportunities with our online community. 40+ hours 20+ modules 140+ videos Davinci Resolve is designed to teach Sam's entire editing workflow from beginning to end. This is a Solo Module. Community access, discounts, business downloads, & other course material NOT Included. 19+ Hours 15+ Modules 90+ Videos

Is the DaVinci Resolve course included in KC All Access, or do I need to purchase the DaVinci Course separately?

Yes, all of Sam’s lessons can be found in KC All Access. The complete DaVinci Resolve course is included alongside his lessons in Premiere Pro & After Effects. You will also have lifetime access to these courses as well as all other future lessons created within Kolder Creative! Doesn’t get better than this!

Where can I view the courses?

Once you create your account and log in to your customized student dashboard you will have access to the course videos.

Will there be a section for Final Cut Pro?

This is something we may offer in the future; however, as of now, we’re focused on educating our students in the programs that Sam personally uses. - Currently we offer a wide array of in-depth lessons on DaVinci Resolve, After Effects and Premiere Pro!

When do I get access?

The process of getting accepted is instant! Once your payment is processed, you will have access to the course you purchased. If you purchased KC All Access, you will also receive access to our online community.

Are your courses for beginners or experienced filmmakers?

Our courses are for anyone willing to learn the art of video editing! Whether you're just starting out or you're an advanced filmmaker, both courses are built for all levels, aiming to take your creative abilities to the next level.

Can I download the lessons for offline use?

No, our content is not downloadable, but you will have lifetime access to it as long as you have an internet connection.

Does the course content have subtitles?

We are currently working on adding a variety of subtitles for the course content. These will be announced through our socials when they are live.

Are your shortcuts compatible with Windows as well?

Yes, we offer our custom shortcuts for both MAC & Windows systems.

How long do I have access to the course content?

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course you’ve purchased as well as the community if you’ve purchased KC All Access!

Do you offer refunds?

No, sorry. We no longer offer refunds as you are able to see exactly what the course & community includes prior to making your payment.

If I buy the Davinci Course do I need the paid version of Davinci Resolve?

No, you'll be able to follow along with most of the course without the paid versions of DaVinci Resolve. Although Sam does recommend making the purchase as DaVinci Resolve Studio comes with many more amazing features.