It's a super powerful course for everyone who wants to reach the next level in filmmaking! This course is helping me to improve as a filmmaker and also opens up many opportunities in the industry!


Kolder Creative has helped me get teachings/lessons they won't ever teach you in a film school, a way to make and think more creatively instead of following rules. Sometimes filmmaking isn't always about following rules and roles like strictly being a gaffer or camera assistant, although sometimes it has to be, we have to know the other side of it too.


I've invested countless hours and money in courses and tutorials, but still I find true gems in KC masterclass. The best thing that Kolder Creative has offered me is the community that exceeds my expectations day after day. I'd recommend this course to everyone who is eager to learn not only from the best, but share experiences and knowledge with other like-minded people!


When I first got this course, I thought it was going to be a game changer for me, and it didn’t disappoint. Going through the classes in the website I learned a lots of insights on Sam’s editing process and how he makes his videos come to life. The community side of it is also huge, as through the facebook and discord groups, we get to hang with each other and talk about creator things most of use don’t get to share with our “real life” friends. The weekly live with Sam adds up even more to this as we get to interact with him and ask him questions of our own. Even though I was saving for a bunch of gear, I’m really happy that I got this masterclass instead, as I believe this will give me the tools I need to eventually dedicate my life to this!


I have been filming for three years and have never seen a course this jampacked. Instead of scouring the internet for videos on after effects and business tips, I can find them on in kolder creative with a click if a button.


“I’ve learned exceptionally valuable skills and insights from this course. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn or improve their filmmaking!”


The Masterclass leaves nothing to be desired. The course has a large scope and is continuously updated. That forms an important basis. But what I appreciate most is everything that goes beyond the Masterclass, i.e. the community or the support among each other or the competitions. The whole thing is really like a big family.


“You get an inside look into Sam's career and learn how to get there yourself. On top of all the knowledge the community is filled with infinite connections and opportunity. I'm shooting professional Red Bull athletes next week because of one of those DM's. This course could really be worth many thousands of dollars.”


I have nothing but gratitude for the Kolder Creative team and this masterclass. Since joining, the team has done everything in their power to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment. There are regular group video calls where Sam answers questions and catches up with the class, and the team creates an interactive experience by regularly hosting contests. Some may be hesitant thinking that the group could be competitive, but in reality, everyone helps one another and the community feels like a family.
I for one have seen huge improvements in my work as a result of the class, but also from feeding off the energies of others in the group. Where I felt myself having trouble connecting with others in the industry previously, I've made many friends through the masterclass and would gladly recommend this course to those looking to grow and connect as a part of an enthusiastic tribe!


KC has truly been a life changing experience, with exposure to Sam, and so many other amazing and inspiring creators, as well as exciting contests that will challenge you and help you grow! This has been a great investment that has been well worth it.