Video Transitions & Breakdowns

Sam reveals all of his secrets to how he's created his most iconic videos and transitions. He also shares his thought process on how he came up with many of the ideas for his best work. This is the only place he's shared these secrets before.

DaVinci Resolve

Learn sam's entire editing workflow in DaVinci Resolve from beginning to end.

After Effects

Sam teaches from the ground up explaining all the most important and essential features of After Effects that help him make his ideas come to life. Understanding how to use After Effects’ powerful tools to execute your visual ideas will take you one step further to having your work stand out from the masses.

Premiere Pro

This is the program that Sam uses to piece together the project, Sound Design, Color Grade, speed ramp, all the important stuff every Filmmaker and Editor need to know. Sam teaches from the ground up making it perfect for anyone at any level looking to upgrade their skills as an editor.

Additional Programs

In this module Sam teaches all the other programs he uses to help make his visuals what they are today.

Guide To FPV Drones

FPV is not a simple plug and play skill, but in this module Sam simplifies the process, equipping you with the knowledge to start flying and capturing footage in one of the most unique ways possible!

Data Management

File management, and organization is one of the most important things to have dialed in any production. In this module Sam teaches you a specific file management system to be able to keep track of footage/photos with ease. This module also includes useful time saving tips and tricks in collaborative editing that he has developed over the course of his career.

My Creative Process

Everyone's Creative Process is different. What's important is that you find the things in life that help put you into a headspace where your creativity thrives. In this module Sam shares insights into his Creative Process and his overall process on how he approaches new projects.


Making 6 figures per year from media production is no longer a far fetched goal. More people than ever before are making a full time living off of Filmmaking, creating a variety of income streams from their skills as Filmmaker’s. In this Module Sam and his managers share insights into the business side of the industry and how you can apply these to help grow your business.


Take a look in Sam's bag and what he would purchase if he was starting out today. This module goes over all the current gear Sam uses and updates when new gear is added to the collection.


The shooting module is geared towards our beginner students. Sam goes over the basics of shooting including everything from composing your frame to getting stable footage. Sam shares all of his tips and tricks to achieving the shooting style that he is known for.


Technicalities is geared towards our beginner students, teaching the technical aspects of a camera such as aperture, iso and shutter speed/angle and how they affect your image. This module helps you understand enough about cameras to begin shooting and operating with ease.