In Honor of Tim…

When Tim passed in 2014, Sam’s life instantly changed forever. Through the loss of his best friend & brother, Sam was reminded to use his time on earth wisely. From that experience, he was inspired to go after his dreams and the feeling of being fully alive.

Growing up, Sam and his older brother, Tim, were best friends. Because of their free-spirited nature, Sam & Tim developed a bond sharing a passion for adventure-seeking which, for Sam, eventually evolved into a passion for filmmaking.

Tim had a love for excitement and adventure; there was never a dull moment with him. He was always keen to step out of his limits and try new things, which played a huge role in how Sam viewed the world.

For partners

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For students

Through Kolder Creative, we’ve been able to give away scholarships to 25 aspiring filmmakers! We’re thankful to have incredible partners such as GoPro, Lens Distortions, Elude and Othership, who make these scholarship opportunities possible.

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